For Buyers


A simple, cost-effective alternative to traditional real estate firms

Here’s what sets us apart:

1. Our founder and president, Ed Schor, is a licensed real estate attorney  with extensive experience in New York City real estate  – condo, co-op and brownstone transactions. Ed works closely with each client to locate a suitable home, negotiate a purchase price and successfully complete the transaction.

Although Ed is an attorney, ABA will not act as such in drafting and negotiating the  particulars of  the purchase contract (though we’re happy to help you find the right attorney to do so). We will, however, be at your side throughout the entire process, making sure you understand every detail of the transaction. You’ll know what to expect, when to expect it, how to prepare for it and how to leverage that knowledge to your best financial advantage.

2.  Thanks to our innovative Buyer’s Rebate Program,  there’s a substantial rebate of our sales commission (paid to us by the seller) to those of our buying clients meeting minimum purchase thresholds.

3.  ABA can help pre-qualify you for a mortgage before you search for a home. This ensures that sellers know you’re capable of completing the purchase once you submit an offer. Pre-qualification can be a tremendous influence on sellers who might not otherwise want to meet your price, but decide to compromise because they know you’re financially qualified.

When it comes time to accept your mortgage, ABA will help you can shop for the best rates and terms.

4. ABA is a small but powerful real estate brokerage. We limit the number of clients we work with and  concentrate on giving each one the very best service and advice. Loyalty, transparency and dedication are our number one priorities.
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